Canoe Boats

I]CARBON KEVLAR WITH SANDWICH MOULDING – MACHINE MADE Item Length Weight Canoe (C-1) 520 cm 16 kgs Canoe (C-2) 650 cm 20 kgs Canoe (C-4) 900 cm 30 kgs Technical Specification Construction Carbon Kevlar Single skin laminate in hull and deck, sandwich moulding Materials Imported Carbon Kevlar Curing Epoxy resin curing at High temperature Resin… Continue reading Canoe Boats

Rowing Boats

BOATS: Crew boats are technically called shells, and motor boats for coaches are called launches. Rowers use oars to help propel the boat. You can interchange the words ‘boat’ and ‘shell’ but you’d never call an oar a paddle (paddles are in kayaking). I] CARBON KEVLAR WITH SANDWICH MOULDING – MACHINE MADE :  Items Length Width… Continue reading Rowing Boats

Sailing Boats

Sailing boats, sometimes referred to as sailboats, come in a wide range of sizes and types with different keels, rig types and sails…. There are lots of different types of sailing boats I.OPTIMIST BOAT READY TO SAIL TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Length 2.34 mtrs Width 1.16 mtrs Height 0.37 mtr Hull Weight 35Kgs Capacity 1 person(under 14… Continue reading Sailing Boats


Kayaks are light weighted, stream lined and highly polished for smooth and fast paddling. The boats have been specifically designed to provide a more comfortable and stable paddling platform while maintaining outstanding performance characteristics. Our Kayaks and Canoes are user friendly and assist the paddler to have great performances. CARBON KEVLAR WITH SANDWICH MOULDING –… Continue reading KAYAK BOATS