Eco-Friendly Electric Boats

We have successfully designed, developed and manufactured the electric powered eco-friendly boat in our company. The electric boats are noiseless, vibration free and do not pollute the environment. Fitted with rechargeable batteries, these boats can run for 6 hours on one single charge. Eco- Tourism focuses on enjoyment of nature without destroying it, hence the electric boats are becoming very popular in eco-tourism.

Boats driven with conventional engine release effluents into water besides creating noise pollution. The vibrations of engine used in such boats transmit to the body of the boats and reduces its life. These disadvantages are overcome in electric boat.

Free Hybrid Energy System of Rechargeable Batteries drive the motors of the Electric Boat, rendering the operation of the boat absolutely noiseless and vibration free. The operating cost is very nominal compared to that of conventional boats.

This type of boat would be most suitable for using in bird and wildlife sanctuaries for sight seeing without disturbing the animals and the birds, especially in clean lakes where use of Outboard Motors / Inboard Diesel Engines are prohibited. The boats being made of Fibre Glass, it does have a very long life. The batteries are of reputed make and are guaranteed for two years.