Frp High Speed Boat

FRP Speed boats are manufactured from Marine grade FRP, with suitably contoured ‘V’ shaped hull to obtain high speed even in rough and choppy water. The boats are totally impermeable and are unaffected by long exposure to sunlight and weather conditions. Suitably strengthened and provided with rubber fenders along the sides, the boat is protected against chafe, rendering them high on safety and performance. The hull is foam-filled and thus unsinkable. With a wide body and a low centre of gravity, boat is very stable.

The boat is provided with arrangements for fitment of out-board motor, cabling, forward reverse throttle, steering wheel etc., and is fitted with comfortable cushioned seats, which could be upholstered to individual choices.

These boats are ideally best suited for Tourism Departments and for River navigation and is specially designed and developed to enjoy the adventure sports and for Rescue operations as well. The Boats are fitted with Remote Control Steering system and forward reverse in front of the Boat to control the OBM