Swamp Air Boats

Nowadays, a number of equipments are pressed into service for rescue operations during floods such as Inflatable Boats, Rigid Inflatable Boats, Assault Boats etc.etc. which of course are very good and are integral part of any rescue operations. But these equipments inherit certain limits also in itself. Nobody can predict the nature and depth of flood and it is necessary to have an equipment that can cater and adapt to any such flood related circumstances and can reach into any required area of operations ignoring

During the devastating flood that shook Florida, U S A and the entire world (“Katrina”), Swamp Boats played a major role in rescuing people from different situations / areas of floods. Swamp Boats were instrumental to save many lives as it could reach every nook and corner of the affected areas rescuing the victims, where ordinary equipments / boats could not reach or cannot be employed. Swamp Boat can reach any area of flooded region where water is too shallow or is of much deep. The currents of water do not affect the function of Swamp Boat during flood operations. Since the boat is having a powerful engine and Air Propulsion System, it can be applied to any situation / circumstances.

PIONEER IN INDIA: We are the pioneers to introduce Swamp Boat in India in 2005 with our indigenously developed product in Fibreglass and we have two models available with us, i.e., 6 Seater and10 Seater ( 330 HP Engine is imported from USA). We have supplied 2 Swamp Boats to Jammu & Kashmir Police in 2005 and 6 Boats to Northern Command ( for their various units including Naval Det – MARCOS ) in 2009 and are certified to be performing very well. The boats are being used for patrolling purposes in the border areas where normal and conventional boats cannot reach or move. It can run over mud, marshy areas, ice, water mixed sand, grass etc. etc. for a shorter distance.

Swamp (Air) Boat is a watercraft, which has an air propulsion system, i.e., it has a propeller which pushes air to the rear and provides the thrust to drive the craft forward. Since no part of the propulsion system is underwater, the airboat can be operated easily in water with depth of only a few centimeters.

The Swamp Boat consists of flat bottomed boat which skims over the water surface instead of cutting through it like a conventional displacement hull. This allows it to attain high speeds by riding on a cushion of air and water. A pair of rudders behind the propeller enables direction control.

Ideal environment for the Swamp is shallow, weed chocked, hyacinth infested rivers, lakes and swamps that restrict movement of conventional boats because their underwater propellers get entangled and damaged, due to the undergrowth. In such conditions air boats are best suited for Rescue, Defence, Search and Patrolling purposes.