M/s Southern Boats Pvt Ltd is located in the bank of Kodoor river which is in the heart of Kottayam city, Kerala. Kodoor river is connected to Vembanad lake, which made us to establish M/s Southern Boats near to it. Kerala is known as God’s Own Country for its beauty with a wide range of terrain along with different climatic conditions. Kerala with its 44 Rivers and 34 Lakes contributes a major role in developing its beauty. The rivers and lakes are the major attraction of God’s own Country. M/s. Southern Boats is launched for utilizing the beauty of rivers and lakes, with the latest technology and giving a best quality product that one can buy in India. Kerala is a place where fish farming, water sports, water tourism, rescue disaster, adventure sports can be done, but till now there is no manufacturer in the world which is capable of delivering these much range of products under one shed, but Southern Boats is place where all your needs will be accomplished under one shed, where we offer these many ranges of products with the best quality that you can buy in India. We are establishing a range of more than 250 products in Southern Boats, thereby making a hypermarket for products in water.

M/s Southern Boats is established with technical support of M/s Sunny Boats Pvt. Ltd, which is a 30-year experienced boat builder located in Pune, Maharashtra. A team of highly skilled employees in boat building will be supporting Southern Boats technically. M/s Sunny Boats is having a wide range of products ranging from Single seater Kayak to 200 pax capacity cruise vessel built in advanced technology. The product range of Sunny Boats varies from water sports boats like Rowing, Kayak and Canoes, Rescue-Disaster management boats, Electric Boats, Olympic level Swimming Pools, Tourism Boats and Party Boats. They have light weight technology manufacturing, which make them odd one in the fibre industry. Sunny Boats had supplied electric boats to Maharashtra and a hybrid boat to Meghalaya during 2006 and 2008 respectively. They are building all their boats under the rules and regulations of Indian Register of Shipping (IRS). India’s first Rowing boat was made by Sunny Boats during the year 1996, and also Sunny Boats had won many awards related to water sports activities, which made Southern Boats to take technical support from M/s Sunny Boats Pvt. Ltd.

The collaboration with M/s Sunny Boats, makes more powerful to deliver the following products and services in the land of God’s Own Country:

  1. FRP, Aluminum and Steel Boats and Infrastructures.
  2. Water Sports Boats, Rescue-Disaster Boats, Water sports boats, Swimming Pools, Tourism and Party Boats.
  3. Service for branded OBM like Suzuki, Mariner, Thohatsu and Yamaha.
  4. Training for Sports Activities.
  5. Rescue Disaster certified course.
  6. Motor Boat License.
  7. Fish farming cage.
  8. Boat registering service.
  9. Project Management for boat construction.
  10. Marine survey.
  11. Customized boats.